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Sarah Beswick 11+ Tuition & Mock Exams

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Places for the 2021 11+ Exam

01722 327525

Given the current situation with Coronavirus there are many unknowns which could affect how we work next year.

However, from Wednesday 1st July we will still book places for weekly classes starting in the week commencing Monday 2nd November 2020 and see what happens.

At the moment, because of lockdown, we are sending out video classes to this year's pupils and they are either swapping the reusable plastic folders of work or buying Scholar's Workbooks which they can write in. We are conducting Mock Exams by email that are administered at home. We then mark them and send back reports with videos which go over all the wrong answers.


All in all, we are getting more work done under lockdown, though in truth I am missing the children.

In the meantime I strongly recommend that you do the (free) Maths Sheet which is changed daily:

Question sheet

Answer sheet


Please call on 01722 327525 if you would like to discuss weekly class spaces for the 11+


Weekly Classes

These children come to weekly classes during the term and then follow the Internet Classes and do the Daily Maths Sheet. Most will join me for Holiday Classes and Mock Exams. These classes are in groups of six. I do not take booking until 1st July 2020. There will be at least three lines open from 7am. Some years the places are mostly filled by 7.30 am and entirely gone by 8.00 am.

The class times are






3.45 – 4.45
3.45 – 4.45
5.00 – 6.00
5.00 – 6.00
5.00 – 6.00
5.00 – 6.00
6.15 – 7.15
6.15 - 7.15
6.15 - 7.15
6.15 – 7.15

In other years, one or two spaces are available. You can ask someone else to book in for you if you are not available to do so yourself. Last year, a number of God-parents were called upon to phone in. There is no secret list. Nobody has been given, or will be given, a place before July 1st.


Whether you have me as a tutor or not, and whatever school you end up going to, preparing for the 11+ will be one of the more memorable and intense times of your parenting. It will be full of triumphs and frustrations. A time when you will get to know each other as people with all the complexity which goes with that. It will set the foundations for the teenage years. It is a lovely, lovely time.



Weekly Classes

£22 per one hour session payable at the beginning of term.

Holiday Classes

£22 per one hour session payable on the day

The Scholar's Course


These children work through the Scholar’s Workbooks, follow the Internet Classes and do the Daily Maths Sheet. Many from the Salisbury area will join me for Holiday Classes and Mock Exams. Those children who follow this course often start on my waiting list for weekly classes but when they are offered a place generally elect to continue on the Scholar’s Course. The evidence from 11+ results from the last few years is that this is a successful route.


I am currently working on a series of Internet Classes that will accompany the Scholar's Workbooks (click here) that will help to lessen the time that parents will have to spend going over homework, though there is no substitute for walking the walk with them. Many families choose to use the Scholar’s Workbooks in conjunction with the termly classes.

What to do before starting formal 11+ classes

1 The Daily Maths Sheet (click here).

2 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (currently 650+ videos).

3 Listen to audiobooks together and discuss the possible outcomes (try the "Just William" series).

4 Read - anything. It doesn't have to be novels. The Guinness Book of Records, the back of cereal packets, Jeremy Clarkson will do just fine.


5 Try the free worksheets and download the first free Scholar's Book.

6 Practise following instructions e.g. cooking and craft activities.

7 Make things out of card and undo boxes for the cardboard recycling - spatial awareness constantly causes trouble.



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